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Postgraduate Programme in Artificial Intelligence applied to Construction

4 months
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April 2024
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Build the future with intelligence

Artificial intelligence in construction course: Harness AI's game-changing potential

Imagine the thrill of not just dreaming about a brighter, more efficient construction industry but actively shaping it! Traditional methods are not enough to tackle the precision, efficiency, and sustainability challenges that construction professionals face daily.

Our Artificial Intelligence in Construction Course is the key to drive innovation and change in one of the world's most critical industries. AI-driven design optimization ensures your projects are flawlessly executed with maximum efficiency. AI tools also help you streamline construction management and ensure your projects are delivered on time and within budget. Plus, AI identifies sustainable materials, reduces waste, and helps lower energy consumption, aligning your projects with global environmental goals.

The digital age demands construction professionals and real estate management leaders who are equipped with cutting-edge skills to thrive in a dynamic landscape. Fuse your knowledge with AI technology and unlock the doors to limitless opportunities! Enrol in our Artificial Intelligence in Construction Course and launch a profitable and creative career!

Academic content



Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence in Construction

U1 | Current Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence

U2 | AI Applications for Design

U3 | AI Applications for Construction Management


AI for Design and Planning

U1 | AI for BIM Technology Design. Automation and Digital Twins.

U2 | AI for Sustainable  Design and its Implementation.

U3 | AI for Cost Estimation and Project Planning

U4 | AI for Collaborative Design


AI for Operations, Facility Management and Renovations

U1 | Fundamentals of Real-Time Job Site

U2 | AI for Safety and Risk Mitigation

U3 | Renovations and IA: Efficiency, Structural Diagnosis and Waste Management

U4 | Quality Management with AI

U5 | Key Areas for Implementing AI in Facility Management


Environmental Objectives

Explore AI-driven energy optimisation, waste reduction, green material selection, and real-time environmental monitoring,among others.


Final Course Project

Put your newfound knowledge to the test, turning theory into reality.

Faculty board

German Otto Bodenbender

Design Technology Manager at BIG

Oana Taut

Chief Product Officer at

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How will Artificial Intelligence take over construction?

AI is set to transform the construction industry from the ground up. It revolutionises construction by enhancing project planning, reducing errors, optimising resource allocation, and improving safety through predictive analytics and autonomous machinery. Our course delves deep into the future of artificial intelligence in construction, giving you the tools to stay ahead of the curve.

What is Artificial Intelligence in Construction?

Artificial Intelligence in Construction refers to the integration of advanced technologies like machine learning and data analytics into the construction industry to improve efficiency, safety, and decision-making, ultimately transforming the way we design, build, and manage construction projects.

How is AI used in construction?

AI is used in construction to automate tasks such as project scheduling and resource allocation, enhance design and BIM (Building Information Modeling) processes, monitor construction sites with drones and sensors, and predict maintenance needs, making the industry more efficient and data-driven.

How can Artificial Intelligence help in the construction sector?

Artificial Intelligence can help the construction sector by improving project management, increasing safety through predictive analytics, optimizing resource allocation, reducing errors, and enhancing decision-making through data-driven insights, ultimately boosting efficiency and productivity.

How to prepare for AI construction?

You can prepare for the future by equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills required for AI in construction. Our Artificial Intelligence in Construction Course offers a roadmap to ensure you're ready for the AI-driven revolution.