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Mobile World Congress 2018

Barcelona is the Mobile World Capital, where the biggest congress run by the GSM, known as Mobile World Congress (MWC) is held every year. The MWC includes events such as the Four Years From Now (4YFN), which provides a working ground where startups, investors and key figures of the Industry can share ideals, form partnerships and evolve together. The startup culture has had a major impact on the economic and social aspects of our lives. Such events play a role on how we connect, the networking structure it provides is valuable, and allows us to be part of a small community, yet in a global manner. Zigurat Innovation and Technology Business School is focused on helping and empowering professionals and companies to become more competitive by implementing digital solutions and to adopt new ways of doing business in the digital environment. Zigurat attended 4YFN, where several members of our faculty board were speaking at conferences and receiving interviews. Erik Brieva was interviewed by Michael Counihan, sharing experiences based on Founding and Selling Three Innovative Companies in Barcelona.

Erik Brieva, CEO at Strands, Business Angel and Advisor, is a key figure of the Lean Start-up revolution, who has joined the Digital Entrepreneurship Certified Master as the Academic Director and Professor. In the following video, he is explaining the master’s structure in detail the main learnings and goals for each part of the program.

Oscar Sala, Vice President Product Strategy at Strands and Member Board of Directors at Mobey Forum, was one of the first members of the faculty board of the Digital Entrepreneurship Global Master and he will have a double role in the program as Academic Coordinator and Professor. In the video below, he explores the 4 key pointsof the master.

Michael Counihan, Partner of NewTech Capital, has been participating in the Lean Start-up Master of UPC as professor and this year is also joining the Digital Entrepreneurship Certified Master of Zigurat. Michael explores the importance of Lean Start-up methodology and how the Digital Entrepreneurship Global Masteroffers such benefits.


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