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Zigurat Disrupted the show during DES

Zigurat Disrupted the show during DES

Zigurat Business School  was present at the third edition of the Digital Enterprise Show as DES Academy Partner. The show took place on May 22-24 at IFEMA, Madrid. The Show was aimed at CEOs, CIOs, CMOs and HR departments, and together with the most innovative cutting-edge technology companies, with a comon goal to explore the most innovative products and solutions as well as the skills required to help European SMEs and large corporations to join the digital transformation.

The Faculty Director of the Digital Business Global MBA Jordi  Damiá was present during the show and shared some insights on Digital Transformation and how to identify its key points and who to listen when gathering such information.


International Business Strategy Specialist CEO at SETESCA – IT Consulting and Headhunting firm Professor of MBA at several business schools (EAE, EADA, UB, UPC, UOC, UPF, Geneve Business School)

Senior Telecommunications Engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Expert manager in business transformation, Consultant in implementation of business improvements and improvement of information systems and professor in several universities.

Jordi also spoke at the Inspiration area of DES, the topic of the talk was based on ¨The transformation journey from CIO to CxO”.

Exploring how CIOs evolve from a back-office to front-office role, making the journey from a facilitator to a decision-maker, developing the right set of digital capabilities to become digital leaders and full decision-makers to influence and contribute positively to their business’ products and services and growth.

Emerging technologies (mobile, cloud, social, etc.) are innovation accelerators on today’s global tech playground, CIOs must embrace new skills, a new vision and more flexibility to face current challenges on enterprise new cultural organization, to evolve their infrastructure, to transform and to find new business opportunities at the right speed.

Jan Mironiuk, Continuous Improvement Lead and Strategy Deployment at Syngenta, explains his personal experience as a participant in the Digital Business Global MBA by Zigurat.

Amal Khreich, Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager at ALARGAN and participant in the Digital Business Global MBA, highlights the program as VERY CHALLENGING and shares her personal experience within the program with us.

Bo Ji is an inspiring TEDx speaker, a Chinaprenuer, and game changer for global startups expanding into China Bo had an over-20-year successful business career in Global Business Development, Innovation, Strategy, Supply Chain Management, M&A, etc. He served as the senior executive at the headquarters of many fortune 500 companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Pfizer, Wrigley and Mars. He is also a well sought conference speaker.Bo explores the Digital Future and the importance of continuous knowledge update. He is an expert that emphasis how professionals must keep learning. Also how the west and east can learn from each other, aligning interests and having a different approach on how to do business.Dmitry Karandin, Smart City Lab at Moscow City Government Dmitry explores new approaches to make cities efficient, building a platform that provides citizens with tailored public services, by duplicating the same digital models used in the private sector. Such movements are based on the consideration and interaction of citizens, taxpayers’ contribution, and meeting their demands and interests as motives to carry new models and grow as a community.

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