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What AI can really do?

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been doing incredible things lately. It has infiltrated all different aspects of life and business. We know some of the more common things AI can do such as chatbot systems, collect and organize large amounts of data, and schedule meetings, but there’s a whole world of possibilities that have hardly been touched yet. It’s time to shed a light on what those are. AI is making an immense impact on the world and none of its capabilities should be overlooked.

The tech world is ever-changing, and a large reason for that is the impact of new technologies like AI. Believe it or not, AI can now be used for content creation. Companies as big as USA Today are utilizing the tech to create their content which could be anything from blog posts to infographics, and even videos. If you like reading about stocks and sports every day, there’s a high probability that content was created by AI too. Don’t be afraid that AI will take over content creation as a whole. Although the responsibilities may be split more than normal, humans are still needed to create more complex writing pieces and provide creative ideas and inspiration, that a machine simply can’t do.AI and science are working hand in hand to make impacts on the world that could change society, and save many lives. This technology is aiding in many areas of science. One that stands out and is gaining attention, is the cancer diagnosis. A recent study by Stanford says they have created an algorithm that can detect certain cancer cells in an image before a human can, and with much higher accuracy. Although this is something that shouldn’t be relied upon fully yet, it shows that strides are being made and the possibility of finding cancer sooner than before, means the faster it can be treated and hopefully cured. This advancement is particularly important because it’s not just something that affects a small group, and we may all need to rely on it someday. AI and algorithms can do other impactful things as well in the field. It can analyze DNA strands to find genomic conditions, and even predict hyperglycemic events in diabetics three hours before they are going to occur.In general, this technology is changing lives, and sometimes how it is doing so cannot be limited to one speciality or area of work. It’s simply impacting our lives and what we do every day. AI can help in areas of life you wouldn’t expect. For example, it can be your personal trainer. It can create a workout program, and be your coach while you’re actually doing the workouts too. It can identify bad storms before they happen, identify crop disease, and even lip read. AI is being used to improve mankind in ways we never thought possible. Currently, it is being utilized by the CIA to predict social unrest five days before it occurs. It can also detect if someone has stolen your credit card information and stop your information from being used, and create efficient energy savings strategies for your house.

Sara Carter Co-founder and contributor of Enlightened Digital


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