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TOP AI Blockchain Projects for 2020

With blockchain safeguarding the data and AI's analytics potential, the combined AI blockchain projects have an undeniable potential.  In this article, we bring you some of the most noteworthy AI blockchain projects.   Blockchain has gained popularity over the years, mainly thanks to cryptocurrencies and its decentralized, immutable, and transparent nature. But, in time, different use cases of this technology have emerged so that it’s expected to disrupt a number of industries including finance, supply chain, healthcare, banking, insurance, and others that can greatly benefit from the security of a distributed digital ledger. Experts predict that blockchain has the potential to revolutionize traditional business processes, especially if artificial intelligence is added into the equation. No wonder that a lot of startups decide to develop their own blockchain project. However, this is still uncharted territory, meaning that 92% of these projects fail. That’s why it's essential to do your research and know the ecosystem you're disrupting before jumping on the AI blockchain bandwagon. So without further ado, here are some of the AI blockchain projects to keep an eye on in 2020:Sophia, the first AI humanoid robot to receive citizenship of any country, was created by the team that later went on to build SingularityNET. They decided to bring these two exciting advanced technologies together and create a decentralized AI marketplace with the purpose of encouraging the development and funding of AI projects. SingularityNET is conceived as a global network of AI algorithms. Although this is undoubtedly a complex project, this marketplace for AI services focused on three areas during the first two years of development: Cloud Robotics, Biomedical Research and Cybersecurity. This marketplace allows developers and companies to create their AI projects, sell their tools, services, algorithms, and data, and exchange it for SingularityNET’s AGI token. All the transactions are facilitated with the help of smart contracts. In a nutshell, SingularityNET tries to bridge the gap between researchers developing AI tools and businesses that need this technology for specific purposes. On the one hand, there are projects that require large datasets in order to create powerful AI solutions, while on the other, there are organizations that need customized AI solutions, and both these groups can benefit from SingularityNET.Another field in which blockchain and AI make a powerful pair is healthcare.  Thanks to blockchain identity management, this technology allows for much easier and secure identity verification and sensitive data protection, which is why it’s heavily used in IoT too. Gainify is a healthcare platform that leverages AI, IoT devices, and blockchain in order to take the industry to the next level and facilitate different tasks. Apart from streamlining appointment scheduling, digital payments, identity verification, and enabling medical records management, this platform also allows monetization of anonymous clinical data through a crypto payment system. In other words, every link in the chain will benefit – users will receive timely treatment, medical researchers will obtain much-needed data, and consumers can be paid for allowing their data to be used in clinical trials.Due to an avalanche of fake news that has been flooding the internet for quite some time, it has become increasingly difficult to figure out what’s authentic and what’s not. Blackbird.AI was built with the idea to take advantage of blockchain and artificial intelligence to analyze the content, check its credibility, and filter out fake news. This platform uses AI to filter and organize content with the help of different credibility indicators that allow it to determine whether the news contains misinformation, satire, or hate speech. Blockchain technology is used to build a digital, immutable ledger for storing verified content.This platform uses the synergy of blockchain and predictive AI in order to offer powerful tools that are currently available only to some of the biggest companies, to regular people. Its purpose is to serve as a supercomputer capable of using gargantuan amounts of data in order to make predictions about anything and forecast the future. When someone wants any kind of prediction, they can use Neureal and offer any data they believe is relevant for that particular prediction, and offer a reward for the most accurate predictors. This reward is paid in Neureal’s own cryptocurrency – Neurons. The process of forecasting includes predictive algorithms, neural networks, as well as human and machine-powered prediction markets, all of which try to make the most accurate prediction.Indorse could be described as a blockchain-based platform for professional social networking. In other words, it allows its users to create a profile and list all their skills and abilities that are then vetted and verified by experts. This way, this platform matches skilled job seekers and companies that need certain expertise and a set of skills. This way, a large, validated talent pool is created so that companies don’t have to waste time screening applicants that actually don’t match their requirements.  AI and the decentralized consensus of experts make sure that the validation process is objective and trustworthy.All these projects will revolutionize different spheres of life and business so that both companies and regular users will benefit from what they can offer. Blockchain ensures that all the sensitive data is protected, while AI brings immensely powerful data analytics to this combined technology. Maybe this list inspires you to launch your own AI blockchain project that takes advantage of the unique qualities of each of these technologies and offers a new solution for various industries and organizations. Whatever your next move is, make sure you know the ins and outs of the blockchain ecosystem in order to guarantee success.

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