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Masterclass: How to succeed in Digital Transformation

Olivier Van Duüren, Founder of The Dualarity and professor of the Digital Business Global Master, presents a masterclass on How to Succeed in Digital Transformation, customers at the heart, people as the soul and digital as the oxygen.To succeed in ‘Digital’ Transformation, you need to put the Customer at the Heart, value People as the Soul and drive Digital as the Oxygen of your company. How do you find the right balance between performing (delivering on your short-term commitments of your core products and services and transforming) the long-term belief in your future and the power to adapt and lead? What can you learn from Lego, General Electric, Nespresso and Microsoft? In the masterclass, it will be discussed how to implement the digital transformation successfully by looking at the three interconnected pillars for your organization: heart, soul and oxygen. There are three fundamental questions in making ‘digital’ transformation real. How do you:
  1. Engage your customers, deliver and enhance the end to end customer experience for products and services, and put the customer at the heart? How do you innovate your products to deliver a great and frictionless experience? Are you a customer-centric organization? How do I turn them into fans? Can I track my metrics real-time?
  2. Transform your business, such as your business model, operations, process, offerings and products, by embracing innovation to be more responsive, efficient, fluid, agile and predictive? How do you make digital the oxygen of your company?
  3. Empower your employees and organize yourself in the most productive way, reward cross-group collaboration, develop the right skills and mindsets, and attract and retain the right talent by having people as the soul? Reward performing and transforming and cross-boundary collaboration. Foster dynamic vs static hierarchies.
But first, you must determine your why, your purpose, and what, your aspiration, before you craft your heart, soul and oxygen pillars. Don’t miss your chance to learn more about the successful digital transformation from an experienced professional that has already implemented the digitalization in real companies. After the presentation, the attendees will have the opportunity to participate and interact about the topics with the speaker.

In September 2016 Olivier launched The Dualarity (, a business and a book, on how to take the pain out of your personal and business transformation, leaving you with a regained sense of spark. After 22 years working in the senior international executive ranks at one of the world's most successful technology companies called Microsoft, he has a unique perspective on the intersection of innovation, transformation and human behavior. Olivier is an active innovative investor in 9.5 Magnitude Ventures, a ground-breaking pre-seed fund, connecting Innovating Corporations through the launch of Tailor-made start-ups and this to address the customer of tomorrow. An international public speaker, trend sensemaker, executive whisperer, sparkle builder and author, Olivier is a thought leader on personal and business transformation, innovation and on the impact of the changes around us on our society and industry.

This program is provided by leaders, experienced executives and will drive you into Digital Transformation excellence. Real-case studies based on multiple levels of experience will guarantee you being more competitive and taking only right decisions in the future. Study online at any time that is convenient for you. Join us during the 3 days Summit in Barcelona to take an advantage of networking sessions.To learn more about digital transformation, visit our blog and stay updated with the industry news and Zigurat's digital programs.

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