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The link between AI and Digital Transformation

AI is already driving digital transformation in a wide range of sectors. The digital world is expanding in a way that the physical world is limited to, but due to digital transformation, new business opportunities are limitless. New business Models are showing us the link between AI and Digital Transformation. Ai is increasing the way providers deliver on its promise. Data is the key to success, but the technology that can acquire and process such information is what will lead businesses to reach greater potentials. In order for the data to make sense for a business to deliver good service, the consumer must also play its role, by interacting with the system acquiring the data. This interaction may happen on the background without the consumer’s awareness, also in many cases where feedback is giving whilst purchasing, consuming or ending the usage of a product or service. By utilizing AI to concentrate on a customer-centric approach, to create a product and deliver a service is a strategy that remains at its early stages.For some, the idea of man vs machine is a threat, but Ai and Digital Transformation are processes that can will reduce the requirement for extensive research and tedious work. With productivity in mind, and PROFITABILITY evolving the way businesses operate, by adopting whatever is currently showing potential is what will drive the economy. Automated systems reduces employment in certain cases, however if does not eliminate the need for manpower in the workplace. AI is a tool that allows us to achieve new results and use our skills in ways that have not been possible in the past.There is strong link between Artificial intelligence and Digital Transformation, but in order for these to evolve, new structures and technologies are needed. Overall a new approach is what is more important, by having customer´s needs as priority. AI will play its role by uncovering new insights, maximising the potential and creation of new personalised experiences.

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