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Students' Learning Data

Blockchain Technologies can be used to manage and track Students' Learning Data. Improving efficiency in the educational sector can be accomplished by managing and tracking data, and this can be achieved with cloud-based platform using Blockchain Technologies. Keeping a record of students, their performance and achievements has always been a challenge.  A global educational system using Blockchain Technologies can provide a way to control records related to a profile in a digital uniform manner. By going digital and using a single platform, Schools will be able to communicate between each other and facilitate all processes involving a student.
Digital Certification 
A transparent system will guaranty what are the uncertainties during enrolment processes and assurance of qualifications. Proving what you are qualifies for is very important, especially with the growth of Info products, that are not always of quality. Verification processes can speed up if done digitally. Having access and utilising a trusted record of achievements that can be easily verified by future employers or educational institutions will definitely make registration processes as easy as it be for the verification of Diplomas, Certificates, Achievement Records, and overall Educational activities.  Privacy is an important factor when considering information of anyone’s records. IBM is an example of company that already developed such systems and provides a need-to-know basis of access to information. Profiles must be able to choose who can see their achievement.High-Quality certified diploma translation services can come at a high cost. A system that can reduce such charges and bureaucratic processes will benefit students and reduce administration duties of Educational Institutes. With that the opportunities for further development of businesses that can interact with such systems will come to place, introducing Translation tools, Signature verification and future project ideas  yet to be discovered.

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