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Are you aware of what the real digital transformation is?

Jordi Damià, Global MBA in Digital Business' Director, breaks the taboo explaining his vision of the digital transformation according to his professional experience applying it in real companies. In the interview below, Jordi illustrates his point of view regarding this industry paradigm shift, the new technological profiles that will be required by the industry, the barriers and factors that may difficult this adoption, the most active industries in digitalization and why to take the leap into digitalization.For me, digital transformation is the preparation that any company should do in order to acquire the required competitiveness to be able to compete and success into this new world.As far as we know, the industry is going to evolve and it is going to increase the automatization level. So, what we need is people able to understand which are the technological possibilities that there are in the market, which are the new solutions, the new technologies that are appearing and mix up this technological knowledge with what the business requires in order to get the best solution for any business process.There are three main barriers, the first one is that not everyone is explaining correctly what digitalization means, there is a lot of fake gurus that are explaining that digitalization is something like metaphysical or psychological while this is only related with industrialization and evolving, as in the industrial revolution. The second factor is the change of mind, we have to get people thinking different, people who have been working traditionally in a specific way should understand that there are new other solutions that could be applied, and the third one is the resistance that the companies have, companies should be aware that only evolving, changing and improving, they are going to find out their place in this new competitive world. There are success stories in all the industries, from industrial to financial or consumer-oriented companies. Some companies have IT as part of their engine in their product line to create products and services, while other companies have the digitalization factor related to consumers, distributors, retailers and so on.Digitalization is the strategic business adoption that any company should apply. Most of the companies in the world, small, medium or big size businesses, create a strategic plan on a yearly basis, in order to analyze which are the steps that they should do to improve their business processes, as the results, how they work, the efficiency, etc. At the end, digitalization is making exactly this strategic plan but, taking into account that today each process have new solutions that they can apply. Not only technological solutions but also different ways of working, human resources, collaborations, etc.The appropriate training should have different factors, the main one is to be focused on implementation, most of the trainings are very conceptual and based on digital success stories, while traditional companies are working completely different. So, the most appropriate training should be straight to help the company moving from the traditional to the new way of working even on a quantum leap way or a more evolutionary way. To do so, the professors are required to have real experience in implementing this digitalization and how to make this transformation in a company. In third place, it is very convenient to have a training, when it’s time to take a decision, they can consult what are the learning experiences, the business cases and what is the methodology are teaching, that’s why e-learning is so appropriate.This program is provided by leaders, experienced executives and will drive you into Digital Transformation excellence. Real-case studies based on multiple levels of experience will guarantee you being more competitive and taking only right decisions in the future. Study online at any time that is convenient for you. Join us during the 3 days Summit in Barcelona to take an advantage of networking sessions. To learn more about digital transformation, visit our blog and stay updated with the industry news and Zigurat's digital programs.

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