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Public Sector Innovation

Innovation began in the private sector, gaining much respect towards change and space in the market. Just like its effect on the private sector it has started to influence public institutions and its managers. Professionals in the public sector have started to open their eyes and take a step in the direction of digital transformation. There are many challenges involved in making any changes related to the public sector, depending on the scope and purpose of the body in consideration, also due to its necessities being different. Combating inequality, excessive bureaucracy, inefficient services (in quality or quantity), combating corruption or even changing citizens' expectations of the services provided, are things that puts the government under pressure. Added to this the impossibility of increasing the tax burden and the low motivation of employees of many public bodies create a context that needs to be worked in a structured and proactive way to change. Recessions and crises require the ability of all sectors to seek greater efficiency and alternatives to operate in adverse situations. Aside from this, the growing pressure for better services and the limit on companies' ability to pay more taxes creates pressure for the state to fulfill its role. In order to increase the quality and availability of public services will need to develop innovations in the way they are delivered and executed. Innovation in the public sector requires a different approach from the private sector. So far little has been said about methodology to address it with the specifics needed to systematize such initiatives.

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