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Prioritizing Digital Transformation

Prioritizing Digital Transformation is necessary. Are your skills enough to develop new strategies and transform your business? Having control does not simply mean being technologically savvy and having management experience. A combination between being able to rapidly respond to industries demands and the right skill-set will reduce the pressure decision makers go through. Digital transformation is disrupting industries globally, in such high speed that most cannot detect what is required to handle such changes, and respond quickly with the most competitive solution. Most companies have already adopted technological procedures, launching apps, analyzing data and deploying robots to optimize productivity. Such efforts if not coordinated will fail to get the results that can transform how the business operates.

Prioritizing Digital Transformation

A ruthless change of direction across all levels of an organization is something that only a CEO has the power to make. It requires alignment of all departments, allowing a clear game-changing project to take place. An overview of possible Digital threats can be the chance for the business to the take the opportunity to face the problem and act. Understanding and being able to reshape the way businesses operate can make you have the differential factors your competition does not possess. Consumers have high expectations and demands, all industries are being affected by Digital Transformation, and therefore high ranking executives must adopt and deploy new methodologies. Learn how to compete on a new level and understand the fundamentals of digitalization.Jordi Damià, CEO of SETESCA  and Program Director of the Digital Business Global MBA explores the behaviour of leading companies and how it disrupted the industry.

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