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Prepare for Elon Musk's Predictions

Prepare for Elon Musk's Predictions; AI will eventually surpass humans. There will also be major space exploration, advancements in solar energy and electrical cars production.Developments in automation technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) will lead to millions of jobs displacement. However, millions of new roles will emerge, during the process of balancing human vs robots workload. During this shift the quality, location and format new roles will have major impacts. Permanent, full time and traditional ways of operation will no longer be a standard. Increasing flexibility, the amount of freelancers, specialist contractors. Acquiring new skills will be necessary, in order to keep up the demands that are yet to be unveiled. The automation of labour means that machines will perform the tasks currently carried out by humans. Artificial intelligence and its impact on jobs has become a hot topic of debate and many experts have predicted that machines will ultimately replace millions of jobs in the next decade. Still, the conventional wisdom among many business executives is that AI will also create new jobs. AI, robotics and automation in technology will create better products and services. While some jobs will become redundant, new jobs will be created. The long-term changes for professionals, who will need to acquire new skills, will be positive results in individual growth and improvement in the economy as a whole. Job creation remains positive even though nearly half of all companies expect their full-time workforce to be reduced. Businesses now have a better understanding of how technology creates new business opportunities. Investing in employees and new skills to stay competitive is the key to understanding the constant changes and implementations of automated systems. New technologies will alter the way we work. Managing and adapting to these changes, by splitting tasks between employees and machines will improve work balance and provide new opportunities, creating more businesses and jobs.

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