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Masterclass: IoT – A Business Revolution enabled by Technology

Zigurat Business School is happy to give you FREE access to a webinar on IoT, a Business Revolution enabled by Technology. A session presented by Peter Maynard, Director Program Management at Microsoft, exploring technologies behind Digital Transformation.

This masterclass has been designed to describe and explore technologies that are critical to driving digital transformation. In this webinar, Peter explains what IoT (Internet of Things) is and how it’s a critical component in implementing Digital Transformation in business. He also explains how IoT is being disrupted itself with Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence and provide customer examples and how they’re leveraging this technology to drive their own transformation. This session will allow you to walk away with a clear understanding of how you can use IoT to accelerate your company’s digital transformation.

The goal of this session is to explore why IoT is currently topic of such high exposure, drawing a lot of attention, and how to concretely work with it within an organization. Also to understand the importance of the key technologies behind Digital Transformation.

Peter Maynard

Director Program Management at Microsoft

Peter is a Brit abroad having spent most of his life living abroad. Growing up in Qatar as it was under its own transformation from a country relying on pearl fishing to leveraging the full wealth of their gas and oil fields, he eventually ended up achieving a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University.  Joining UPS out of University he got to experience first-hand how you climb from the bottom of a company to the top by working as a package delivery driver, working his way up to Industrial engineer and then emigrating to Belgium to take up roles in Marketing and Communications across EMEA. Finally moving to Microsoft to pursue his personal interest in bringing together the best of Marketing / Communications and Technology Peter has been a multiple award winner recognizing his accomplishments as one of the leading high-potentials in his area at Microsoft.

With the experience that Peter has captured across his life-adventure to date, he brings a broad perspective of both life and work experience to his role. Being fortunate to sit on the frontier between technology and business Peter feels a responsibility to enable businesses to leverage examples of Digital Transformation that have been driven by technology, so they can survive in the ever more challenging future.

Peter is particularly passionate about Artificial Intelligence and IoT as he sees these as the key building blocks that will enable businesses to survive and thrive and is excited about how many of the tools and processes to implement such technology are becoming increasingly democratized. In his spare time between traveling across Europe for his job, he likes to travel, exercise and spend time with his family.

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