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Let’s Discuss the Future of Jobs in the Digital Era

Will robots take your job? Will you be competitive in the job market in five years time? How will digitalization affect your professional profile? What actions could you take to guarantee your employability? Will Artificial Intelligence play an important role in the years to come? Which digital solutions would enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your company? Are your company's board of directors aware of what digital transformation has to offer them? There are still many aspects related to the global digital transformation that need to be discussed and there is no better place to do that than in a panel led by experts of digital business. That is why Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School organizes the roundtable event under the theme ‘Future of Jobs in the Digital Era’.The event, which showcases the impact of digital transformation on the labor market and business environment in general, will take place on May 30th, 2019, at the MediaTIC building in Barcelona. The roundtable discussion will also be broadcast online on the 13th of June.Prior to the event, Zigurat is carrying out a survey where we ask professionals and companies how they are implementing the digital transformation, the investments and change management they have foreseen and their predictions about the future. The survey aims to gather the opinions of hands-on professionals in order to reflect the real market situation. The results will be debated at the roundtable, where a group of Digital Business experts will compare their experience with the feedback obtained through the survey. TAKE THE SURVEYFor the occasion, Zigurat has brought together a lineup of Business Strategy, Digital Innovation, Artificial Intelligence, Human Resources and Recruiting experts to lead the roundtable discussion based on the results of the survey.The event ‘Future of Jobs in a Digital Era’ presents a perfect occasion to become more knowledgeable about the evolution of digital transformation as it covers topics from the application of digital transformation to improving productivity and effectiveness through the implementation of digital tools and processes. The awareness of digital transformation among the board of directors and the investments in digital tools and projects will also be discussed. Since the new digital solutions are set to have a direct impact on the job market, the discussion panel is also going to tackle digital transformation from the employee’s point of view. Digitalization of professional profiles and how to guarantee one’s employability in the future will be taken into focus during the second half of the panel. Jordi Damià, CEO at Setesca and director of Zigurat’s Global MBA in Digital Business, Angela Shen-Hsieh, Director of Product Innovation, Predicting Human Behaviour at Telefonica, Xavier Capellades, CEO at Nomo Banking from Banc Sabadell, and David Claramunt, Head of People and Communications at Banc Sabadell, have been announced as the key speakers of the event. All those experts are also members of the faculty board of the Global MBA in Digital Business.

So if you’re interested in getting to know the impact of digital solutions on the market, this is the event for you!


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