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IoT Empowering Digital Transformation

Peter Maynard, Director Program Management at Microsoft and Advisory Board at Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School, hosted a Masterclass designed to describe and explore technologies that are critical to driving digital transformation. Peter explains what IoT (Internet of Things) is and how it’s a critical component in implementing Digital Transformation in business. He also shows how IoT is being disrupted itself with Edge Computing and Artificial Intelligence and provide customer examples and how they’re leveraging this technology to drive their own transformation.With the production of new devices, and the majority being connected to the internet, a new digital network is being created. Either working independently or in conjunction with another, these devices are collecting data. Data on its own is not useful, and sometimes incomprehensible. Processing data with the use of devices is the Key of IoT, finding applications where the information can be used, to solve a problem or improve performance.A disruption occurred when microcontrollers started to have access to the internet and access to direct computer power, such as when information must be processed during a flight. Due to the high demand of owning data and its endless capabilities of applications, we must also consider what can go wrong. The increase in production of microcontrollers are also generating a higher number of connection points, which also increases its risks in security, miscommunication between devices or even where the data is kept. As the number of devices and the digital network grows, so does the responsibility of businesses to manage data.

Peter is a Brit abroad having spent most of his life living abroad. Growing up in Qatar as it was under its own transformation from a country relying on pearl fishing to leveraging the full wealth of their gas and oil fields, he eventually ended up achieving a bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Joining UPS out of University he got to experience first-hand how you climb from the bottom of a company to the top by working as a package delivery driver, working his way up to Industrial engineer and then emigrating to Belgium to take up roles in Marketing and Communications across EMEA. Finally moving to Microsoft to pursue his personal interest in bringing together the best of Marketing / Communications and Technology Peter has been a multiple award winner recognizing his accomplishments as one of the leading high-potentials in his area at Microsoft.


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