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Zigurat is in collaboration with GTEC to promote Digital Entrepreneurship

Committed to the progress of the industry towards new technologies, Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School and German Tech Entrepreneurship Center will join efforts to boost digital entrepreneurship by helping companies that are facing the challenge of adapting their processes and procedures to the digital transformation in the immediate future.Zigurat’s digital programs have been designed to all those professionals who want to foster their technological and decision-making skills and add a differential value to increase their competitiveness in the market. Additionally, under our guidance, people will not only understand but learn how to implement decision-making skills in order to elevate the existing level of the organization under their management to a higher level of productivity and market orientation. In our mission to develop leaders, we count on the support of those organizations that already are in their sectors. This is the case of GTEC, that brings together the community, startups, corporations and academia to promote digital entrepreneurship. GTEC, under the mission of inspire, guide and grow, it promotes entrepreneurship on a global scale through a diverse set of offerings, from education programs and innovation awards to meetups and workshops, realized by a team of experienced entrepreneurs. The Director of Education at GTEC, Robin Weninger, is a member of the faculty board of the Digital Business Global MBA, as well as Anders Indset, Strategic Partnership at GTEC and Advisory Board of the program.In the past two years, GTEC has also been home to more than 60 startups from over 10 countries who moved to Berlin to grow their company in the Lab or refine their ideas in the Startup Academy. GTEC has also worked with founders, managers and experts from leading international corporations and institutions to learn more about the startup mentality: among them are Bosch, Postbank, Airbus, Energy Australia, Statoil, Mercedes-Benz, and the European Union.

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