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Digitalization Beyond Technology

Digitalization is not about spending a fortune on new technological solutions and hoping for results. New modern devices or cloud services definitely help to support a project of Innovation, but acquiring new technical solutions are just a factor in the process. People are the key of an organization and any new project. People make decisions, come up with ideas and run businesses, not technology. Innovation requires a change in mindset and not a technical upgrade.Many companies decide to transform by finding new innovative ways, and in the process end up forgetting what that truly means – organizational structuring. Technology can increase productivity and add value to a company but it is not the solution. An ideal transformation occurs at many levels, through the re-imagining a product or service. The process of transforming, via an ¨extreme¨ change might be necessary for company that plans to be digital. A full understanding of what is needed and the impact it will have in the entire organization should be the top priority and the main aspect of consideration during a project of innovation. Innovative motivational leadership is what drives a project. Forward thinking management skills is the key to the accomplishment of a successful transformation. Approvals are necessary, but group work to achieve common goals by implementing new strategies is now to get there. Focusing on the customer allows you to have a vision from the outside-in, and to use such insights, experiences and expectations to develop what is needed. By having a consumer-centric approach and prioritizing their needs can disrupt traditional internal methods, allowing the solution to present itself. Ultimately, to change how we operate, from processes, to organizational teams to ways of working, requires the involvement of the entire workforce. To disrupt the industry, companies need to transform within. Technology used to mean, the implementation of innovative systems that were often limited to a specific function, market segment or channel. Today, businesses have realized that going digital requires end-to-end-transformation.

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