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Digital Enterprise Show Conclusions

The Digital Enterprise Show (DES) is an event that offers solutions for different business areas, not just to help improve the competitiveness of companies but also to help promote this transformation while ensuring speed and safety. DES is aimed at CEOs, CIOs, CMOs and HR departments, and together with the most innovative cutting-edge technology companies, they are invited to meet the most innovative products and solutions as well as the skills required to help European SMEs and large corporations join the digital transformation.This Digital Business World Congress is a global platform that allows attendees to learn, experience, meet, compare and buy the most advanced solutions. It is a must-attend event for any business leaders who are ready to face up to the challenge of digital transforming their businesses and becoming part of the new digital economy, because otherwise, they will find themselves isolated from the market and left behind. The DES was celebrated on May 2017 in Madrid, after that edition, Lluís Altés, Managing Director at DES and Advisory Board of the Digital Business Global Master of Zigurat, explains the main conclusions and experience of the congress.

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