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Human Resources Department's challenges in the digital era

The challenge

To achieve a successful and real digital transformation, companies have to transform themselves internally. However, the most important challenge that companies need to face is how employees will work on their talent and will develop a real value.Companies need new talent. Nowadays, there are some profiles as creative people or professional data specialists so difficult to be found. Could education for current employees be a good solution?Mindset and attitude are the most important skills needed in a digital profile! Apart from knowledge, education and experience. How is people going to face these new ideas, possibilities and new business models?"High executive need to admit that they need new skills, capactities and education. In our opnion education is absolutely important nowadays."Human Resources Department has the opportunity to reinvent itself and create a new concept that is more about people management. In the digital era, Human Resources need to become a new department where technology and talent development should be togheter.

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