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Choosing an MBA

Common reasons to do an MBA is to pursue other goals, in either a different industry or other positions. The location of the MBA is highly important in terms of networking, with alumni and companies. More than the “Why?”, “Where?”, “When?”, “Which one?” questions can be asked in relation to enrolling on an MBA, but the one that raises the most concern is “Should I interrupt my career and go back to being a student?”Firstly, you need to identify your needs and wants. The earliest you prepare yourself and carry out a planned path the better. Many are looking to achieve and get to the same place, the way you do it and how fast will provide the outcome that will benefit your professional career over the competition. Becoming a leader with the ability to make decision is a common desire of many but only a few can do. An MBA is a catalyst that allows professionals to develop new skills, establish and international network and meet other people heading in same direction. A successful career has its limitations, unless continuous education, market awareness and a drive to look for new possibilities are part of your everyday activities.Whether you want to further acquire new skills or change direction an MBA will allow you to do so. It is how and when you do it that shapes the development of your career. Once deciding on what skills you would like to obtain, you can then focus on which MBA is ideal for you, matching what is needed for the career development you are looking for. The constant change and the demand to keep up with new markets is a challenge in any sector, especially in the Digital days, where technology is showing not have limits. Products are becoming services, machines are replacing humans, for that the ones who remain it is important to become an asset beyond the average employee. The investment and the development of new skills must occur as fast as the industries and technologies have shown to change.An MBA requires hard work and a desire to succeed and TIME. If you do now wish you take a break from work and go back to full time education, an ONLINE program will allow you to work around busy working schedules, family time, and from any location.

Jan Mironiuk, Continuous Improvement Lead and Strategy Deployment at Syngenta, explains his personal experience as a participant in the Digital Business Global MBA by Zigurat.

Amal Khreich, Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager at ALARGAN and participant in the Digital Business Global MBA, highlights the program as VERY CHALLENGING and shares her personal experience within the program with us.


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