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Change: Ebook Christmas Edition

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get together with the family and enjoy time with your beloved ones, but it’s also the time to think about all the experiences you have lived during the past year and start planning the new one, with new ambitions, projects and objectives both in the professional and personal field. To help you plan and achieve your new year’s wishes, this Christmas, Zigurat wants to reward your business ambition with the Change ebook, the best time to rethink your company’s year.- Winston ChurchillThe Change ebook is focused on mastering the challenges of change. Human beings are naturally resistant to change. Explore the basics of change to understand how change initiatives can still be implemented successfully. When it comes to initiating change, people are always asked to change their behavior. Gaining insight behavioral design, an approach based on knowledge from behavioral science reveals new opportunities for successful change management. In this book you will learn about:
  • The basics of change management
  • The dimensions of change
  • Different frameworks of change
  • The challenges of change
  • How to implement change initiatives successfully
  • The basics of behavioral science
  • How to use behavioral design for implementing change

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