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Career Development in Blockchain

Blockchain technologies has shown not to be limited to the financial sector, large organizations from various industries are also exploring how adopting blockchain could help their business. Blockchain technology was originally created in relation to cryptocurrency; however, it is essentially a distributed database that can store any type of records. It is highly secure and only grants access for modification within what you own, but anyone can see it, which is also highly transparent. The necessity to hire people with Blockchain skills has increased, and the race to become the first to establish market share is the biggest motivation for all involved in the process. Whether you are representing a company directly or indirectly, as a developer or from a managerial position, roles that are linked to the the development of such technologies will provide the foundations of what can become a standard in Blockchain.Blockchain developers are in high demand, their skills are not common, and the role is starting to be known as Blockchain Engineers. The role is complex and requires development also in terms of what is needed to provide the necessary solutions, due to the nature of the unknown aspects of Blockchain technologies and where it can lead to. Such roles will open opportunities to many who work in the departments of finance, IT, legal, also project management and executive managerial positions. Since there is no current industry leader, organizations are exploring what this technology can do beyond cryptocurrencies and payment related methods. Blockchain technologies can disrupt how various sectors and department operate and create opportunities, such as Supplychain, Legal, HR, IT, etc. This technology can also generate new solutions to companies in most industries, as innovative methods can be applied anywhere.

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