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Branding Transformation in Blockchain: How to Scale Your Business

In this post, Steve Habazin, a content marketing specialist, dissects the notion of blockchain marketing and why it should be considered as part of a strategy and not just a payout method. When we first hear the word blockchain we’re likely to think of cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin. There’s a good reason for that, blockchain is the infrastructure Bitcoin was built on and is the basis of how other cryptocurrencies function. The use of cryptocurrency and the need for blockchain is slowly, but surely growing and brands ready to adapt to this technological advance can expect certain benefits. Read on to learn more about how blockchain can take your brand further. One of the biggest challenges for a brand is to earn the trust of the customer and build brand loyalty on that trust. Blockchain’s adherence to transparency offers opportunities to lay the foundations of a meaningful relationship with customers. Blockchain requires everything to be documented and verified so customers know exactly what is coming from where and how it’s being done. And this idea of transparency can be applied as not just a type of payout, but as a marketing or branding method. From your website to accepting cryptocurrencies as a type of payment, use blockchain to scale your brand. See what you can do to grow your company and how blockchain marketing can help you build brand awareness and customer loyalty.This might sound obvious and simple, but you need a website. Your website is like a business card you hand out to prospective clients, only it’s more than a way of just contacting you. Your website should outline the benefits of your company and relay information in a digestible way. Use charts, videos, and other visuals to explain who you are, what you’re doing, and why your brand is different. When it comes to transparency and people needing information about your company, this is the place they should want to turn to and feel like they got what they needed to know. Additionally, your website should be fully optimized for SEO, as well as wherever your brand may be present on the internet. Aside from providing transparent information about your company, if your brand has already adopted blockchain, create content that’s relevant to it and your use your brand’s colors on your website. Pay attention to keywords and choose wisely since blockchain can be a competitive area when it comes to content.Integrate referral marketing into your larger strategy. One of the most valuable forms of marketing is word of mouth. A customer is more likely to choose a brand personally recommended to them even if a brand’s marketing is otherwise on point. Entice your current customers to let their friends, families, colleagues, whoever, to share your brand with them. One way to do that is with a reward and loyalty program. This is where more traditional forms of marketing and blockchain really work well together. When you use a cryptocurrency payout system, people can use rewards right away and the referral program becomes a more seamless experience, meaning it’s more likely to be used. Word of mouth is key for brand growth and take it a step further by using your own mouth to tell people how great your brand is. Search for and show up to meetups and events relevant to your brand and let people get to know the brand firsthand.By using blockchain, your brand could have different brand tracking opportunities that would be hard to find in other forms of marketing. Following the key components of transparency and accountability found in blockchain and applying it to your marketing strategy lets you have the ability to expand your audience and build relationships with customers. When you use blockchain as a method of payment you extend your audience reach to where companies who don’t use it won’t be able to get to, at least not as easily.While your audience is expanding use a brand tracker to see how brand awareness and brand loyalty are progressing over time. Apply transparency and accountability in all facets of your strategy, from tracking influencer campaigns to accepting cryptocurrencies payments. Use blockchain marketing to go where many brands haven’t thought of yet.

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