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Blockchain Careers

You have probably heard about blockchain technologies before, however, the career opportunities related to this field are somewhat less explored and it is high time to catch up with all the possibilities blockchain technologies can bring to the table career-wise.

When speaking about the most demanded programmer skills, Blockchain expertise ranks among the most searched skill-sets in the US job market. Its leading position indicates that many different industries are currently exploring the new solutions blockchain technology can provide and that an adequate skill-set to navigate this budding technology is hard to come upon.

Despite being considered a technology still in its infancy, blockchain has brought about many new skills and the market is demanding new blockchain careers and jobs that we are going to explore in this post:

Blockchain Developer

Blockchain development relies a great deal on computer science, therefore the blockchain developer is a highly technical position. Since we are still a little bit in the dark about the full potential of blockchain solutions, it is a rather robust career path for the visionaries of the field. Despite all the variables, blockchain developers still have the greatest career opportunities in this nascent field.

Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain engineer is in charge of understanding the technological needs of the company and is the one to create the blockchain apps based on those needs. Blockchain engineers should be skilled in Java, Hyperledger Fabric, Ripple, Solidity, Python, bitcoin and Oracle Identity.

Blockchain Project Manager

A blockchain project manager is an expert who has the know-how of a project manager combined with expertise in blockchain technologies which allows him or her to serve as a link between blockchain designers and the non-technical people of the company.

Blockchain Legal Consultant or Attorney

Companies trying out the blockchain solutions are in need of legal expertise. Only well-prepared blockchain attorneys can advise them on the legal implications related to their launch, such as how transactions are tracked and confirmed or how identities must be handled.

Blockchain Web Designer

There is a variety of industries from start-ups to well-established companies that have recognized the potential of blockchain solutions and are giving in to the appeal of no middleman and the perspective of cutting costs. A blockchain designer is a person who makes the magic happen for the everyday users. Designer’s job is to create a trustworthy and appealing user experience.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Blockchain quality engineer is in charge of testing and ensuring all areas of quality in the environment of blockchain development. One of blockchain quality engineer’s many responsibilities is to guide the test strategy for blockchain development and maintaining the best standards of QA.

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