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BIM Data on Mobile Devices: ProjectWise software

ProjectWise allows you to integrate BIM data on mobile devices on and offline


Introduction to ProjectWise

  Bentley System's ProjectWise software meets all of the requirements for coordination solutions acting as a real common data environment. By integrating BIM data on mobile devices different stakeholders, construction professionals and the design team work better together.  ProjectWise has been well known for multi use file-sharing and connecting different companies for big infrastructure projects. This has been the standard environment. Introducing the connect edition, the amount of areas that it can be used for has increased. For example, the mobile data environment, project deliverables management (transmittals, submittals, and RFIs), Issue Resolution and Field Data Management. A lot of information is still being recorded on paper in our infrastructure projects, and this is always risky. The idea behind ProjectWise is to offer a solution to bring all of this paper forms, todo lists, safety inspections, etc. into a common environment. This way data collection and submission can be real time with and without an internet connection. This way you can identify issues and react to them faster.

Usually the process is the following:

  The problem with this is that reacting to issues and making decisions comes too late. With a digital form, the data can be introduced and managed on the field and in the office. This way it is faster to make decisions thanks to the information taken down on the field.  

Who is involved?

  The project manager. Sets the requirements, enforces processes and workflows, consumes the data, and uses the forms. The project leader This person knows the requirements, designs the forms and defines the use of the forms, taking care that technology is capable especially mobile devices. The Field Worker Will use the tool day by day, they will have access and all the data in their platforms. without worrying about paper and recollection  

There are two major moving parts:

  The cloud service where all the data is stored and where everything is managed. The mobile devices that will be the primary interface to collect the data  


  1. Create a new project, Define the project and add the users involved. Assign a role for each user, this way they recieve an email. Enter →
  2. Define Forms. Create the information in Form Designer. You can use the Safety checklist to make sure that data can be introduced even without internet connection.
  For a more visual, step by step guide view the video below. This article is presented in the framework of the Master's in Global BIM Management created in collaboration with Bentley System's.

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