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Be Digital, Zigurat's ebook second edition

Zigurat, committed with the innovation and technology sector, wants you to stay updated with the new trends in the area. After the Goal-Setting ebook, Zigurat continues offering a set of ebooks that are part of the Management Quickies Series, originally published by Shapingwork. Nowadays, the world is changing faster than ever before and the speed of change is still increasing. It will probably not slow down again. The way we are doing business is highly influenced by the pervasive digitalization that is currently taking place. Thus, changes are required in order to remain viable in the digital age.

'This digital world is completely fascinating to me'

—Graham Nash The Be Digital ebook is a guide through the challenges of the digital age. Explore the new challenges of the digital world and find out how to cope with them. Success in today’s times of digitalization does not come with Digital Transformation as it is currently done. It is all about embracing a Digital Mindset and leading your organization on its way to becoming digital. You need to understand that digitalization is not only about technology but significantly concerned with people and culture. In this book you will learn about:
  • Digital Transformations
  • The Digital Mindset
  • The Digital Organisation
  • Digital Leadership
  • How to turn digital successfully

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