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Automation in Project Management

According to Capterra and Business2Community, for each $1 billion invested in the USA, $122 million was wasted because of the failing project performance. Moreover, 49.5% of respondents said that managing project costs were the biggest problem faced by PMs last year. 45.8% of them believe that sharing information across teams and urgent deadlines along with communication problems hurt the success of the projects as well. 75% of IT and business executives foresee their software projects will break down. And fewer than a third of all projects were successfully provided on budget and time over the past year.

As we see, project management suffers from a key usability gap. What is the solution? Reinvention by the way of integration, automation, and accessibility. Companies of all sizes may take advantage of the innovative solution for automation in project management that creates a smooth user experience with needed functionality. These solutions that may keep up with the fast-paced business environment will help teams succeed and grow.

Whether it’s workflow and collaboration add-ins to project management tools or a part of PPM platforms, many solutions now involve the ability to guide work to individuals based on difficult sets of rules. That brings communication of data, the flow of reminders or approval requests of outstanding items. The software may handle distribution and workflow with little manual intervention. It may also integrate with other tools and systems to automate data capture: starting from timesheets to complex code modules. The most important things in project management are relevant planning with a deep understanding of the business purpose behind projects. This is gaining new value and many organizations invest more money energy into reaching business goals rather than just providing on time and budget. Automated workflows and data-driven decisions enable project managers to achieve these goals. Moreover, it makes the customer-centric approach possible and helps to deliver products that clients will actually love.Machine learning may refine the quality of many data-driven project management processes such as risk management, cost and time estimation, impact analysis, etc. Keep in mind that automation in data capture means greater data consistency with better timeliness and accuracy, completeness. The integration of project management innovative solutions usually fits other enterprise tools. It helps to gain the whole vision about what is going on in the organization.Automation means a straightforward process of monitoring and predicting not only clients’ behavior but current business processes as well. New tech solutions allow collecting metadata and finding out how team members perform their jobs. Many industries involving counter-terrorism, credit scoring, and financial institutions apply metadata to predict valuable data. For example, EMS provider may use analytics and metadata to predict when and where traffic accidents will appear and proactively place ambulances near those intersections. The results will be effective and accurate.Nowadays, project managers have already the tools to gain insights about teams’ performance. By analyzing the communication, the focus, the habits, the time spent on task, and other attributes of the employee, a lot of predictions can be made. The fast-paced business world demands automation to do more with less. That’s why project managers need to be well-equipped to do meaningful decisions and provide good planning. Automation of data gathering helps to predict valuable business factors and achieve greater results. It allows to dive deeper into the facts and observe the whole picture of the project. Ukraine software development is one of the companies who offer such innovative solutions for business purposes. Diceus serves the customers from 20 countries for 7 years and knows how to automate needed project management tasks to speed up processes and achieve the desired result.


Mary Kolisnyk Technical Copywriter at Diceus


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