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AI: The future that we cannot avoid

Hollywood has shown us his particular vision of AI, but did you ask yourself if is this vision the correct? The last movies as Ghost in the shell or Ex Machina could be an example, where the society live surrounded by robots and they have all the technology advantages making their lives easier. In this post, I will try to compare some situations on that films with the vision of Andy Fitze co-Founder of Swisscognitive. We had the pleasure to interview him on DESMadrid 2017 and share with him a productive conversation speaking about the future of the AI. We also want to mention Andy Fitze was Swiss CIO of The year 2013 and his new company Swisscognitive who is leading with Dalith Steiger-Gablinger has been recognized as one of “Best Digital Disruptive Startups”In the film Ghost in the Shell we meet Kuze, the bad guy presented as cyber-terrorist, he has the ability to hack all the systems, even robots with artificial intelligence. this situation guides us to the next question when all the processes will be controlled by machines, transport, health, travels, food, will we be on dangerous if these systems are hacked?

Remodeling the world

Also in the movie we see how Major (Scarlett Johansson) is hurt so many times that his corporation has to change his entire body, but in the world where a human can increase his senses exponentially by using technology, your last preoccupation would be losing arms, legs, be blind or disabled because even in the worst situation your brain could be downloaded to a database and upload to a new biotech body. So we dare to ask Andy how he sees the world in a near future, Does he thinks that AI and the new technologies could change how we see the world today?If you are able to see any film about AI, you always find a prestigious mind behind the creation of this new intelligence, Ex_machina is an example, Nathan CEO of the company have a prodigious mind allowing him to play to be a god creating new ways of conscience. But if you want to find something in common between all the AI Films, is the shift in AI's creator's mindset. Breaking the barriers, Andy suggest this is the most important change, you have to break with the common, open your mind and shift your mindset.
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