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Digital Revolution, as a change of philosophy

Anders Indset is a Norwegian-born Business Philosopher, investor and successful entrepreneur based out of Frankfurt, Germany. Known for his unconventional thoughts, provoking theses and rock star attitude, Anders is a much sought-after international keynote speaker on leadership, change, technology, branding, and creativity. Indset boosts the industry for the paradigm shift that technology brings about and helps leaders in different areas to cope with the challenges of the digital environment. Apart from writing several articles, Anders latest book: 'WILD KNOWLEDGE - Outthink the Revolution' was recently launched.Have you ever imagined how a digitised world will change and impact how we live? It's not only about machines doing the work and new ways to attract and interact with the customer, it's also about the challenge of defining a new global structure. What will happen with people in poor countries that are producing stuff for large corporations located in rich countries? These jobs are the first that will be hit by automation.The production will obviously move back because logistically speaking it´s much more interesting having all those jobs close to your logistical centre where people buy them.When we talk about technological revolutions, we will see rapid progress in the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology and artificial intelligence (AI). In regards to nanotechnology and biotechnology, we might find ways to somewhat control them. With Artificial Intelligence however, we are creating something we do not understand and moving authorities to algorithms relying more and more on these every single day. We are upgrading our species with technological enhancements.  ¿Are we creating Gods without contemplating the possibility of getting out of control?Digital Transformation Global Master, online, 200h

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