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Blockchain, the internet's future

Alex Tapscott is an expert in early-stage, high growth companies and path-breaking business ventures. A passionate advocate for the disruptive potential of new technologies as key to start-up success, he believes the emerging blockchain platform will provide significant entrepreneurial opportunities as it revolutionises the way we transact our lives. Tapscott was named as a founding member of the IMF’s High Level Advisory Group on Fintech. He was one of two Canadians chosen (along with Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada, Carolyn Wilkins). The group of 14 will work closely with the IMF's Interdepartmental Working Group on Finance and Technology to study the economic and regulatory implications of developments in the area of finance and technology.Blockchain is a platform that allows anyone, whether individual or business, transact and move value, assets, money, money assets, without an intermediate as a bank or a government. Is the open-access, secure global platform on which Bitcoin is based. In a world where, according to Alex, "It’s cheaper and faster to mail an anvil to China than it is to send $100,” blockchain facilitates an authenticated, peer-to-peer transfer of value without an intermediary (such as a bank), in a manner that is transparent, public, permanent — and completely anonymous.A lot of business leaders in many industries understand that blockhain will be the disruptive technology, but often leaders from old paradigm have a very hard time embracing what's new.Being updated is essential in a world that constantly change. Education never stops and when it comes to business new things are happening all the time. In terms of blockchain, there is a lot of really good material available, but go for it, don't wait for it to come.

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