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Accelerating Corporate Transformation: What Are the Needed Tools?

Corporate transformation is a necessity in the business world. To succeed in this ever-competitive industry, companies require a dynamic transformation strategy.Transformation involves changes in the people (employees), organization, processes, operating model, and business strategy. This change is imperative as it aims to improve the organization’s performance as well as future growth trajectory. Due to the existing and unprecedented market turbulences, you should strive to achieve the transformation to foster company growth, unlock untapped opportunities, as well as improve service delivery. Corporate transformation can occur in four ways which include rotation, translation, scaling, and reflection. The best way to accelerate corporate transformation in this digital age is by leveraging tech tools. At the moment there are numerous high-tech tools that when used will transform your business significantly. Here are accelerators that you employ to achieve corporate transformations:IoT facilitates the gathering of data from multiple source points. Utilizing this technology is important for companies that want to accelerate corporate transformation. Studies conducted among businesses have shown that companies that use IoT amplify their long and short-term operations significantly. IoT can be used to mine data particularly on customer’s acquisition activities, usage, behaviors as well as input and output. This data provides insights on how the market looks like and can be used to develop strategies to boost efficiency and help the organization make informed choices. Given that IoT keeps on growing each day, your business needs to take advantage of this technology and grow along with it.These are networks for sharing information, computing services, and operation systems. The usage of intranets is limited to employees in an organization only. Some of the intranet services that can be utilized include Microsoft SharePoint, Igloo, as well as Jostle. The intranet enables employees to send and receive key information thereby promoting collaboration. These systems are critical for digital transformation and enable users to have control over the corporate processes. It is worth mentioning that when sharing vital information, you should encourage employees to compress files before sharing them and use a zip file opener to unlock them. Zipped files are easy to transport, email, as well as download and store. They also keep files that are related together thereby preventing loss of essential documents.Currently, numerous tools can be used to foster collaboration among employees and promote mobility, skills, and knowledge. When people hear of “collaborative spaces”, they often mistake it for physical working places. While they might serve the same purpose, in this digital age, collaborative spaces also mean virtual platforms. Currently, numerous platforms accelerate corporate transformation by enabling teams to communicate better. The most common spaces include videoconferencing tools, social intranets, forums, and messaging platforms. Microsoft postulates that organizations that make use of these platforms are bound to become more agile and can deliver in the face of changing client demands. Most importantly, they can bring forth dynamic products and services that surpass those produced by their business rivals.A digital workplace is a virtual version of the conventional workplace. Leveraging this tool will automatically accelerate transformation in business. A digital workplace is comprised of a virtual ecosystem that enables companies to launch initiatives and plan future activities. Utilization of a digital workplace opens up communication channels, pulls down barriers to change, and ultimately enhance productivity. With numerous companies wanting to take their businesses to the world, it also opens up channels to work with global talent. This step opens the door to working with remote employees who in their regions of placement cater to customer needs as they arise. This year in particular almost all corporate communities have embraced the digital workplace. Therefore, if you are a corporate leader, you need to embrace this movement otherwise you will lose.As the world continues to change, new business challenges emerge. With all these changes, you would not want to become that professional that lives with regrets of what they would have done. Transformations in the corporate arena should be bold and implemented rapidly for the business to achieve the success it desires. Accelerating corporate transformation requires you to have a futurist mindset that is not afraid to take on new challenges to get better results. The digital tools discussed above are the first steps to achieving transformation.

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