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Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Digital transformation continues to make professionals wonder and feel challenged by it. The question of where and when to begin remains answered. However, there is not a right way or magic formula to achieve a successful transformation. Every organization is different, therefore should initiate the way it "feels right", and by not following other businesses steps, but rather using them as motivation.

Regardless to how or where to start, business owners must decide who will lead the transformation. Finding project-focused innovators is the key to progressing in Digital Transformation. Such players might already reside within your organization, and not necessarily be the CTO, COO or even the CEO.  A combination of skills, knowledge of the industry, but mainly having an innovative drive is what makes the ideal profile to lead the Digital Transformation of a business. Many do not thrive in environments of change, but digital achievers do. Being able to understand the fundamentals of working in competitive industries, during constant changes, and considering how technologies transforms businesses models, is an asset. Such profiles have the ability to work with people from other departments and level of the organization. They are also able to adapt and effortlessly fit in new roles. The understanding of what the consumer needs rather than looking at own perspective is often the approach carried out by such profiles. The Team A combination of profiles, including operationalist, technologists, and innovators can accelerate the process of transformation. By focusing on delivering a product, whilst having an overview of technological systems and how it can adapt through the eyes of technologist; combining with the changes in processes, in relation to operations and customers, managed by business-oriented profiles, will cover the necessary areas of expertise for a successful change. Once establishing a team who can lead a project of transformation, it will be a matter of allowing them to explore the following points: Data Analysis Latest tools can provide insights allowing anyone to become a data analyst. You do, however, need curiosity and creativity to be able to use data and make improvements. Ideal profiles have a natural curiosity that drives them towards challenges and the necessity to experiment, and solve problems. They just need the data to feed their intrigue, explore opportunities, create and test ideas. Mission of Transformation Aim for speed rather than perfection, there is always time for optimization. Especially with the demands to keep up with consumers needs and  markets´ evolution. It is not about completing the project but to continuously improve it. Experimentation Being able to explore new possibilities without hesitation defines the speed of results. A product currently being made might not be relevant by the time it is completed, and this is what should be in the minds of innovators. Innovators are motivated by autonomy and experimentation, they thrive in environments that permits and encourages these characteristics. A failure should be seen as a lesson, this is how you can rapidly move forward. Tools Take advantage of existing technological tools but remember that the flexibility an individual can bring to the table is the biggest asset a business can have.

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