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5 Mistakes Companies make when Implementing the Digital Transformation

The digital transformation process of a traditional company involves taking the maximum benefit of the opportunities that the digital solutions offer in all the value chain. Even though, there are a lot of companies that are not well guided in this process and doesn’t make a real transformation. Jordi Damià, Director of the Digital Business Global Master of Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School, analyzes the 5 most common mistakes that companies make when transforming. The Digital Business Global Master is focused on bringing all the tools to optimize strategies and business processes. The program covers all the industry sectors, with the aim to know the main changes to make in each process. The master is designed to enable the students to realize improvement processes through digitalization at all levels, projects, business processes and business strategy adaptation. The main goal is to adopt solutions and digital strategies that allow “traditional” companies to compete with new digital companies. For this reason, Jordi Damià explains the five most common mistakes that companies are making when they implement the digital transformation.Jordi Damià Academic Director of the Global MBA in Digital Business

To conduct a real digital transformation is necessary the implementation of the digital management tools in all the environments, both in the traditional and the digital market. Most of the companies only apply them in the digital one.

In the digital shift, some companies adapt or analyze just the processes of specific departments, as for example only the marketing and distribution. A digital transformation involves reviewing all the processes to adopt the ones that the cost-benefit supports it.

Another big mistake that companies fail into when approaching this kind of process is to compare a traditional company with a native digital one. The methodology to create a digital company from scratch is radically different to the methodology to transform a business.

A real transformation in the management model usually involves a change of processes, people, resources and technologies. There can not be presented models that do not review the need of change of each of these dimensions.

All the transformation process involves much more than the application of a methodology, as the excellence is in knowing and forecast the risks that could appear. In this point, the consultant or trainer experience is very important to guarantee the success of the implementation. The optimal is to count on the professional.

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