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2021 Digital Marketing Trends

For today’s post, we reached out to Jordi Tomàs, Zigurat’s professor of Global MBA in Digital Business, to ask him to share his prevision for 2021 digital marketing trends. Read on to find out about the biggest factors that come to play deciding the digital marketing scene for the coming year.In recent years, digital marketing has represented one of the driving strategies for most startups and businesses, however, recent events during 2020 have contributed to Digital Marketing obtaining even greater importance than the one it had. Spending through the internet increased, in 2020, by more than 70% compared to the previous year, cutting the pre-Covid forecasts by 5 years. This has led to changes in consumer habits and forced an effort on merchants to evolve their business models and digitize.TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube are all giving us algorithmic content that is personalized and keeps us nailed to the screen and engaged. One of the top trends in 2021 is that this algorithmic content will drive into eCommerce by direct purchase buttons from social media content. We are already seeing it with Instagram.The omnichannel experience is increasingly in demand. The customer no longer stays only in the physical or online option, he wants more. Through the Internet, you are looking to make quick purchases on social networks or decide where you want to pick up your product. Home delivery, in-store collecting, in-store purchase with delivery, or the availability of collecting points are options that are increasingly demanded and that you should not neglect. It is important that you provide your customer with an online presence to show them that with you they will find the option they are looking for.Together with omnichannel, proximity searches are on the rise, so it is essential to use the right geolocation marketing tools. One of the essentials for next year is Google My Business. This search engine tool allows you to create a file of your business in which you can provide the most relevant information to the potential customer at a glance.Artificial intelligence keeps sticking its head into the world of marketing. In this case, the goal is to create a personalized shopping experience. With the data obtained from the leads, the AI is able to launch its own campaign for each consumer. Thanks to this, each client feels treated in a personal way, feels like the center of your business.This is one of the biggest digital marketing trends for 2021. What is Google Core Web Vitals? It's Google's new ranking factor. Announced in mid-2020, Google is set to make Core Web Vitals ranking factors part of the new Page Experience signal sometime in 2021. Fortunately, website owners have time to make changes to their sites. The key factors are related to the user experience in the real world, which includes the page load speed and mobile experience. The signals analyzed by Core Web Vitals will affect the pages that appear in regular search results, as well as Google's “top news”.Get a quick overview of next-generation marketing strategies in this MBA program focused on digital transformation!

Jordi Tomás Professor of the Global MBA in Digital Business CDO at Mascaro Pretty Ballerinas


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