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10 Questions for a Maritime and Ports Engineer

Douwe Hoornstra is a Civil Engineer who specializes in marine works design and is a professor of our Global Master’s in Structural Projects. As a marine works design manager, his main duty is to structure the project, attending to all steps and phases so that everything is taken into account. As far as he can remember,  Douwe has always been interested in maritime engineering because ports are so much more than projects, they are also an entrance to new cultures and ideas. An engineer at the core For Douwe, it is essential for the engineer to be critical and open-minded. It's important because every project is like a prototype with new problems, challenges and experiences that require unique solutions. The Afsluitdijk and Cornelis Lely When asked which structure he considered to be the best civil engineering project in history, Douwe responded without a doubt: “The Afsluitdijk!” This huge iconic dam in the Netherlands was built between 1927 to 1932 with over 5000 workers guided by Cornelis Lely. Just like the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Wall of China, the Afsluitdijk can be seen from space. The infrastructure of the future We also inquired Douwe about his forecasts for the future of infrastructure and he was certain that Hyperloop has an important role to play. According to him, this revolutionary system of transportation will lead us into the next phase of the future. Certainly sounds like a project where Douwe and most professionals would like to participate in!

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