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BIM and AM to manage critical and relevant water & wastewater utilities assets


Global Water and Sewage Utilities must manage a wide variety of essential infrastructure assets while meeting complex social and environmental challenges, and this is especially true in Brazil, where according to SNIS Institute only 53% of the population has sewerage coverage and 17% still does not have access to treated water.

The Brazilian government´s new regulatory sanitation framework was approved in December 2019, establishing goals to accelerate water and sewerage coverage, stimulating private investors either to build new or to operate existing plants.

However, the asset inventory handover process from the public to the private sector is unstructured, causing numerous operational and maintenance challenges to new operators and investors.

This paper presents the digital transformation framework applied in Aegea, a private group of water and sewage utilities in Brazil, aiming to meet in a sustainable way a social, environmental and financial value (SLO- Social License to Operate) by combining Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Asset Management (AM) disciplines. Aegea’s integrated approach, “Infra Inteligente” (Infra), introduces intelligent 3D models of Water and Sanitation business.

The 3D business representations trigger the Digital Twin in unrivaled data and analytics visualization within a virtual reality environment supporting the organization to take strategic and tactical decisions to do the maintenance and operations of the inherited plants.

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Wagner Oliveira de Carvalho

Aegea Sanitation, São Paulo, BR | Zigurat Global Institute of Technology, Barcelona, ES | Universitat de Barcelona, ES

Civil engineer with experience in sanitary engineering and water management. Specialized in digital asset transformation and its benefits for infrastructure projects. As the senior project manager at Aegea, a private group of water and sewer utilities, has won twice one of the most prestigious awards for hydraulic modeling: Bentley’s Be Inspired Award with Aegea Water Master Plan in London 2015 and Aegea the Sewer Master Plan in Singapore 2017.