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We offer a variety of unique services tailored to your company’s needs and adapted to your employee’s profiles.

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Corporate Programs

Tailor-made programs designed to match your business needs and employee´s profiles.

People are the core assets of a business. Create and train a workforce that embraces digital transformation successfully, by ensuring smooth operations across all levels of your organization.

  • 24/7 Remote access
  • Canvas LMS
  • More than 30 lecturers from all over the world
  • LIVE classes
  • Delivered on-site and according to your business needs
  • International
  • Masterclasses
  • Industry leaders and Influencers
Board of Directors

Dedicated to executives members of an organization. The program provides the foundations of digitalization in order to redesign the future a company.

Head of Departments

A program that offers advanced training to members of an organization within technical roles, such as logistics, marketing, purchasing, production, distribution, HR.

Entire Workforce

We offer solutions, aiming for the alignment of individual and team targets. Improving and creating new business ecosystems, as well as boosting confidence and performance.

Digital Transformation Team

Explore the potential of team members within Digital departments, and further develop operations by transforming traditional methods.

Teams and Technicians

A solution designed to inspire all the employees of the organization and make them aware of the new business ecosystem. How we are a part of it and how to perform.

Customized programs

Guidance on how to identify where development is required, consultancy on how to progress the operation methods of the organization or selected departments.

Corporate Events

Exclusive and personalized corporate events with our best selection of professors and professionals.

Professional Sourcing

Benefit from having access to a network of international professionals from various backgrounds and sectors. Our professors are industry leaders who share knowledge based on real case studies and guide the participants of our programs on how to understand and implement digitalization in their fields of expertise.

Zigurat´s alumni are fully prepared to assume challenges in any kind of industry related to innovation and technology.

  • Receive exclusive access to a pipeline of vetted talent
  • Review portfolios of candidates’ work to quickly assess eligibility
  • Identify your top candidates and import them into your workforce

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