Master's in Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects

This program offers a practical and comprehensive approach to Building Information Modeling (BIM) for its students. Students are asked to specialize in Roads & Highways, Railways & Metro Lines, Tunnels & Bridges, or Subsurface Utilities and become fully-capable in BIM for infrastructure construction.

Dual degree by:

Program Date:
November 2020


Academic Year (60 ECTS)


Method of delivery:
100% Online

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Training partners:


Mega-Projects in Roads & Highways, Railways & Metro Lines, Tunnels & Bridges, and Subsurface Utilities.

Leveraging the strategic partnership between Zigurat Global Institute of Technology and  CCC/CCC BIM Academy, this program provides the most advanced education in the field of BIM and digital construction. This way, students become fully capable to take BIM implementation to another level and gain expertise in leading infrastructure management software.

Career Prospects

Our students finish the program better prepared to handle the challenges that the increased digitization of the construction industry has posed. This also makes our students especially valued in big and little firms. As an institute that prides itself on its relationships, we are able to offer exclusive employment opportunities during and after completing the program.

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Academic Content

Module 1: BIM Ecosystem & Key Concepts

Module 2: BIM for Infrastructure

Module 3: Authoring Platform Environment

1. Roads and Highways:

Module 0: BIM Authoring

Module 1: Road Fundamentals

Module 2: Earthworks Modeling Calculations

Module 3: Horizontal and Vertical Alignment

Module 4: Roads and Highways Modeling

Module 5: Advanced Topics in Highway Modeling 

2. Railways and Metro Lines :

Module 0: BIM Authoring

Module 1: Rail Fundamentals

Module 2: Earthworks Modeling Calculations  

Module 3: Horizontal and Vertical Alignment  

Module 4: Special Trackwork

Module 5. Cross Section Modeling

3. Bridges & Tunnels :

Module 0:BIM Authoring

Module 1: Tunnel  Fundamentals

Module 2: Bridge Fundamentals

Module 3: Tunnel BIM modelling

Module 4: Bridge BIM modelling

4. Subsurface Utilities BIM Development:

Module 0: BIM Authoring

Module 1: Subsurface Utilities Engineering (SUE) Fundamentals & Authoring Platform Environment

Module 2: Modeling Wet & Dry Utilities

Module 3: Features Definitions  

Module 4: Advanced Topics in SUE

Module 5: Utility Buildings

5. Buildings:

Module 0: BIM Authoring

• Module 1: Building Fundamentals

• Module 2: Structural

Module 3: Architectural

Module 4: Mechanical Buildings and Services

Module 5: Electrical Buildings Services

Module 1: BIM for Construction – Requirements and Documentation

Module 2: BIM Based Scope Management

Module 3: Quality Control Methodologies

Module 4: Integrated BIM Implementation & Design Coordination

Module 5: Planning & Site Logistics

Module 6: Advanced Project Controls System Fundamentals

Module 7: C3D/Visual Project Controls and Integration Platform

Module 1: Project Scope Definition

Module 2. Interim Project Discussion/Evaluation

Module 3. Final/Pre-submission Project Checkpoint  

Faculty Board

Issam E-Absi

Master's Director

CCC Manager. IS-Automation and Engineering. Project BIM Manager

Vivi Perganti


Head of the Athens BIM Center

Imad Hamdan


Senior Design Engineer (BIM)

Maria Souladaki


Senior BIM Engineer / Senior Civil Engineer

Anastasia Tsagka


Senior BIM / 5D Engineer / Architectural Engineer MSc

  • Issam El-Absi


    Master’s Director.
    CCC Manager. IS-Automation and Engineering Project BIM Manager

  • Amjad El-Masri


    Senior BIM/Geomatics Engineer

  • Raed Abdul-Mon'em Hanafieh


    Senior Design Engineer (BIM) / BIM Projects Coordinator

  • Maria Souladaki


    Senior BIM Engineer / Senior Civil Engineer

  • Anastasia Tsagka


    Senior BIM/5D Engineer / Architectural Engineer MSc


Guest Speakers

  • Menno de Jonge

    Director of Digital Construction at the Royal BAM Group in the Netherlands.

  • Pasi Joensuu

    Vice President of Sales at INFRAKIT.

  • Frank Weiss

    Vice President of BIM and Innovation at Oracle’s Aconex.

  • Benito Pérez

    Application Engineer at Bentley Systems.

  • Rafael Riera

    Engineer and Director of the BIM Dept. at Zigurat Global Institute of Technology.

  • Eduardo Cortés

    Senior Application Engineer at Bentley Systems.

  • Dejan Papic

    Advancement Academies Manager at Bentley Systems.

  • Javier Tomás

    Aconex consultant and implementer for large projects.

  • Ashraf Elgabry

    BIM Manager of the Abu Dhabi International Airport Project.

International Student Weeks


Zigurat presents a unique experience that combines face-to-face learning and online training, with (optional) on-site international activities that create the perfect opportunity to understand the conceptualization of BIM and how this methodology is being adopted in real projects around the world.

A great oportunity to meet your peers for an intense week of conferences, workshops, company visits and roundtables with renowned lecturers and professionals from all of our Institution’s instruction areas from Architecture and Engineering to those of Innovation School (Digital Transformation & Smart Cities).


For a week, Barcelona becomes the ideal place to meet your fellow students and teachers and do some networking while getting to know one of the most famous cities in the world.


Our students have the uniqueopportunity to participate in an on-site visit to the International Airport Midfield Terminal Building (MTB-ADIA) in Abu Dhabi, which has been estimated to be the largest and most comprehensive BIM model ever created.


Take the opportunity to visit the must-see places of São Paulo and enjoy this adventure of personal and professional development.


During 10 days, students will be able to participate in face-to-face classes given by the best researchers and BIM experts of the National Taiwan University (NTU), one of the most prestigious Universities in Asia.

Alumni Success Stories

The students of our masters tell us their experiences with our innovative methodology and how their training in Zigurat has transformed their professional career.

This is just one of many success stories amongst the Zigurat Alumni. Many of our students go to work on internationally renowned companies in the AECO sector. To see more of these cases click on the following link.

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Take BIM to the next level with this Master’s program

Our Unique Learning Method

Our online learning methodology allows you to set your own learning rhythm and also simulates how you will use BIM in your career. This allows you to obtain internationally recognised qualifications from the comfort of your own home while collaborating with team members. Thanks to our innovative online campus, you have the opportunity to meet and speak with other classmates and get to know your teachers through seminars, case challenges, group work, site visits and live or recorded classes.

Real projects that are changing the world
Practical learning or 'learning by doing'
The impact of technology in engineering and architecture
Collaborative work

International Student Summit

Students and alumni of this program alike will be invited to our yearly Global BIM Networking Summit. Here you can build your network of contacts, get to know students of our different BIM Master’s programs and meet your teachers in person. During the event, you will experience exclusive presentations and enjoy everything that our events have to offer.

The grant that best matches your professional profile

The ability to pay should not be the sole condition for your enrollment. That’s what we believe here at Zigurat and it is the reason we offer different payment options and in some cases grants and financial aid to candidates that demonstrate professional excellence. Recipients of our grants are selected based on their experience and profile.  

Alumni Ambassadors Program

Our students are our top-priority. That is why we have built an extensive network of professionals around the world that will happily speak with you and share their experience in our programs.

Get to know them!

This Master has a degree by IL3-University of Barcelona, ranked the best university in Spain by:

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