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ZIGURAT Talks Episode 5: Sustainable Futures Empowered by Technology


Step into a world of hope and possibility!

This free online event brings together visionaries from various fields to explore the boundless potential of technology in shaping a brighter future.

Delve into three game-changing practices that are redefining the way we live and think:

  1. GREEN BLOCKCHAIN: Building Solutions for a Better Planet. With Dr. Michael Gebert, chairman of the European Blockchain Association. How can leaders, companies, institutions, policy-makers, scientists, and other stakeholders use blockchain technologies to build a more sustainable future? What is the future of blockchain scalability, interoperability and sustainability? How can Green Blockchain incentivize eco-friendly practices and carbon offsetting efforts?

  1. SUSTAINABLE URBANISM: Fusing Technology with Green Urban Design. With Ashu Dehadani, Director of Technical Development @ Green Business Certification, Inc. How can cutting-edge technology be integrated into urban design to promote sustainability in cities? What are some innovative smart infrastructure solutions that optimize energy consumption in urban areas? What benefits can be achieved by reimagining cities as sustainable ecosystems and adopting green urban design principles?

  1. FUTURE CARE: Revolutionizing Health with DeepTech. With Oscar Sala, Venture Partner and Head of DeepTech Programme at 3xP Global. How are cutting-edge innovations reshaping the healthcare landscape while emphasizing sustainability? What are the profound impacts of deeptech in areas like diagnostics, treatment modalities, and patient care? Gain insights into a future where technological brilliance and ecological responsibility converge!

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