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MOSAIC Magazine - June 2023


Welcome to the 7th edition of Mosaic From ancestral caves to the awe-inspiring structures of ancient civilisations, the spirit of collaboration emerged as a beacon of hope and progress. Each placed stone resulted from the synergy between individuals who shared a common goal: to build something greater than themselves.

Today, many question technology as a threat to the cooperation forged over thousands of years. However, we beg to differ. Without technology, ZIGURAT Institute of Technology would not have come into existence. Without this institution, our international community would be a mere fantasy. And without this community of professionals, the expectations for transformation and evolution in the construction field would not be the same.

Technology is nothing more than a tool, while people are the architects and users of its potential. Combined with collaboration, it enables us to engage in projects worldwide, optimise production processes, pursue lifelong learning, and open doors to the unimaginable.

At ZIGURAT, we will continue to champion technology to foster synergy among all community members: educators, alumni, and businesses. And this philosophy materialises on every page of Mosaic, a magazine created and nurtured by all of us for seven editions now.

Enjoy the read.

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