Master en Technology Management - ZIGURAT Institute of Tecnology

Climate Disaster Resiliency: How to deploy smart responses in cities


More than ever, urban communities must know how to respond to climate disaster. Picture cities equipped with intelligent systems that can predict, adapt, and respond to climate-related disasters. From extreme weather events to rising sea levels, from urban heat islands to resource management – learn how technology is revolutionizing disaster resilience!

Jiri Skopek, the speaker of this masterclass, is a graduate from ZIGURAT's Master's in Global Smart City Management. In fact, he was one of the students who developed a Final Master Thesis entitled "Resilience Hubs: A smart response to climate disasters", that won a prize from the National Science Foundation of the US!

Jiri is an architect and planner who provides advice to building owners and managers on sustainable development in the fields of design, asset and facility management, emergency preparedness, business continuity, smart buildings and innovative planning and business development solutions. Currently he is chair of NIST Global City Team Challenge Smart Building Supercluster.

Whether you're an urban planner, a tech enthusiast, or an advocate for a sustainable future, this masterclass empowers you to drive positive change!

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