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BIM Management

Master’s in Global BIM Management

1 academic year
Starts in
November 2024
60 ects
Live Online
Double degree
Institut de Formació Contínua-IL3
ZIGURAT Institute of Technology
This Master trains professionals to manage BIM projects, use the latest technologies, softwares and tools

The most advanced Master in BIM Management available today

This Master BIM is designed to train you to manage BIM projects and people, using the latest technologies, softwares and tools available. Rely on our experienced faculty board team and mentors to propel you on your BIM management path.

From the beginning, you will be working on the FMT (final master thesis). It consists of a real project simulation-based exercise, with an Open BIM approach. You will manage all data related to project’s design, costs, safety, clash detection, scheduling, sustainability and efficient facilities management factors used by architects, engineers, owners and builders.

Play in an international team exchanging information and feedback at every cycle in this master in BIM management.

Build confidence, gain valuable experience, acquire knowledge, and expand your global network.

Academic content

60 ects

Block 1

BIM Management

Module 1. Information

Module 2. Open BIM and
Collaboration practice

Block 2

BIM for Design

Module 3. Coordination

Module 4. Authoring in design with BIM
software (Revit)

Module 5. Authoring in design with BIM
software (Archicad)

Module 6. Analysis tools interoperability

Block 3

BIM for Construction

Module 7. Pre-Construction,
Construction and
Handover with BIM
authoring software

Module 8. Coordination and
site management

Block 4

BIM for Asset Management

Module 9. Information
exchange in Asset

Block 5

BIM Implementation

Module 1. Implementing BIM


Final Master’s Thesis

From the very beginning of the Master’s, you will be working on the Final Thesis, applying all the knowledge acquired during the study sessions. Work on a real project simulation-based exercise that is carried out using Open BIM approach.

Faculty board


Stefan Mordue

Senior Digital Consultant en Cohesive


David Philp

Chief Value Officer at Cohesive

Marzia Bolpagni

Directora de BIM International - Directora Asociada en Mace

Mahmoud El Charif

Jefe de Construcción Digital en Urban Surveys

Nando Mogollón

Fundador y Director en BuilDigital | Profesor en ZIGURAT y Graphisoft Learn

Rui de Klerk

Product Developer en geoFluxus

William Rezende

Ingeniero de diseño en Henard Metal Fabricators Inc

Patrick Slattery

Managing Director en ARCDOX

Billel Dridi

BIM Manager y líder de transformación digital en FAM Holding P.S.C

Thanks to this programme I’m now implementing BIM for high-level deliverables. I've worked for WSP Singapore and I'm currently working in the HS2 Smart Motorway.
When implementing BIM, you need to develop certain skills to deal with resistance to change.
"Thanks to this Masrter's now I'm more visible in the market"
It has been an enjoyable journey gaining a lot of Knowledge, skills & cutting-edge AEC industry content and software.

The ZIGURAT methodology

Digital, transformative education, based on real people and real projects.

Active & Social Learning

Training based on participation and collaboration

Studying at ZIGURAT means expanding your professional network and having the unique opportunity to participate in selective working groups, decided on through the expertise of our professors: leaders in technological innovation and construction.

Lifelong Support

A holistic view of the professional profile

From the initial orientation to post-Master's advice, we guide you to have a critical and 360º vision of your future as an expert in the sector.

Online Experience

Interactive and flexible digital experiences

Through live sessions with industry leaders and high-quality materials on global case studies, our learning approach adapts well to the hybrid pace of today's professionals.




Admission process

Application for admission
Send us your application, your CV and a short presentation.
Personal interview
Our admissions team will arrange an interview with you.
Submission of documentation
Send us the necessary documentation to assess your application.
Admissions Committee
Our committee will evaluate your application.
Admission decision
If you meet the requirements, you will get your place.
Follow the enrolment steps indicated by the advisor.

Admission Request

If you wish to start the admission process, click here Admission Process.

ZIGURAT also offers financial aid plans, which 2,000 students have benefited from since we were founded. If you would like to find out more about these plans, you can do so by clicking on the link Institutional Grants.

Applications are open until the end of the available places and financial endowment of each program.

What is BIM Management?

BIM Management is the discipline that is responsible for managing the life cycle of a construction project through the use of BIM technologies. It is a comprehensive approach to the planning, execution and operations of a building, from its conception to its demolition.

Why train in BIM Management?

The importance of training in BIM Management lies in the growing need to optimize resources and reduce costs in all phases of a project thanks to the use of digital tools for project planning and execution.

What type of professional profiles are the BIM Management courses focused on?

This BIM Management course is aimed for professionals who are involved in the building and construction industry and are seeking to gain advanced skills and knowledge in BIM (Building Information Modeling) management. The ZIGURAT Master BIM is specifically designed for architects, engineers, contractors, project managers, and other professionals who are responsible for managing BIM projects. The master can help these professionals to acquire the skills and knowledge required to efficiently manage BIM projects, including managing project workflows, coordinating and collaborating with team members, and ensuring that BIM models are accurate and up-to-date.

What software do you work with in the BIM Management training?

Some of the most commonly used software tools in BIM Management training include Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Navisworks, Bentley , Trello, twinmotion, Plannerly, Solibri, Slack, BIM Collab, Rhinoceros, Dalux, Dynamo, Teckla, Synchro, BIM Vision, Speckle, Catenda. These tools are used to create and manage BIM models, perform clash detection and coordination, generate construction documentation, and analyze project performance.

Master's Degree in Lifelong Learning accredited by the Institut de Formació Contínua (IL3) of the Universitat de Barcelona, ranked as the best university in Spain by:
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