14 May 2018

The best 5 students from the Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects Certification Program will be hired by Consolidated Contractors Company.

At the BIM Conference Dubai 2018, Zigurat Global Institute of Technology announced that 5 students of the upcoming edition of the Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects Certification Program will be directly hired by one of the most advanced contractor companies in the world, the Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC).

Furthermore, 2 students from the program will be invited to the Annual Conference hosted by Bentley Systems in London, one of the most important events in terms of infrastructure projects worldwide. This unique opportunity will give our students the chance to meet leaders of the BIM industry, network and participate in discussion topics.

Many of our alumni are already working as BIM Managers:

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This program gives focused, practical and comprehensive education on the development, evolution, control and management of infrastructure projects and the relevant digital information model of the infrastructure assets through their full lifecycle.The Global BIM Management Certification Program is one of the most advanced professional certification programs for BIM Managers in the world. This internationally popular program caters to the needs of professionals in more than 20 sectors of the AECO industry. We provide our students with the methodology, tools and skills necessary to become leaders in BIM implementation. Become a fully capable BIM Manager working in construction projects with high-performance teams from all around the world.