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Zigurat’s BIM programs, in English, Spanish and Portuguese, will be certified by Canada BIM Council in accordance with the international standards. Our academic partners: BIM Freelance, BIM Academy and NossoBIM have all qualified their programs to be certified with the corresponding program levels by CanBIM.

Zigurat attended the CanBIM event in Toronto:

“The important component about Zigurat is the depth of their programs, the amount of courses, the fact that they are in more than one language and the faculty role”
Pietro Ferrari, Education and Research Committee at Canada BIM Council

The Global BIM Management Certification Program has achieved the Educational Certification Level 3.0 from Canada BIM Council, which is the highest level applicable. The Global Executive BIM for Owners & Developers Program has also been certified by CanBIM, with a special placement in the education level assessment matrix, as this program qualifies under a different bracket.

This certification is recognized globally and complies with the BIM standards stipulated in Canada and the United Kingdom, some of the pioneers and most active countries in BIM methodology. Obtaining this certification will help industry professionals achieve a valuable professional position anywhere in the world and have internationally recognized credentials.

The Global BIM Management Certification program has been certified at CanBIM Educational Level 3.0 designation; the highest educational designation offered by CanBIM. Upon successful completion, graduates of the Global BIM Management Certification program are eligible to apply for CanBIM Professional Level 2.5 Certification (P2.5). Please visit the CanBIM website for application forms.
Learn advanced BIM implementation techniques in the Global BIM Management Certification program

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