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Susan Keenliside, Chair in the Member Community of buildingSMART Canada presents the BIM initiatives in the american country

Canada is doing a huge effort not only in the adoption of BIM, but also involving all the professionals in a growing community where to learn and contribute to the development of standards, documentation and other activities.

Although BIM in Canada is still relatively nascent, the most recent reports show that new technologies are moving forward in the construction sector: The 31% of the Canadian industry is using BIM, 29% is working with integrated approaches and 21% works with lean delivery construction (Source: Tahrani, Poirier&Froges 2015)…

Susan Keenliside

Susan Keenliside

President And CEO at S8 Inc. Technical Advisory Committee at Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC).

Susan Keenliside is collaborating in the 1st edition of the Global BIM Management Certification Program

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