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When a new technology emerges it tends to be accompanied by a great amount of hype, but it is now, ten years after we first heard of Bitcoin, that the full potential of Blockchain has become more imminent. It is, in fact, the standardization of Blockchain Technologies that can revolutionize our economic reality and open a path to new business models and possibilities.

By now, the rapid growth of the field has led to a lack of experts in the market. Recognizing this, the Zigurat Innovation & Technology Business School launches the Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies, a program that prepares its participants to take full advantage of this groundbreaking platform.

Our Master’s degree is designed for professionals interested in gaining a hands-on experience developing a real Blockchain project, going deeper into technical and business aspects of the technology. The curriculum introduces the students to the fundamentals of Blockchain Technology, architecture and cryptography. It also covers cryptocurrencies, legislation related to Blockchain and gets the students started on crypto programming.

In the second half of the program, all students have the possibility to choose between two paths. You can either take the business path and implement Blockchain Technologies to a business model; or concentrate on the technical side and develop a software application.

The Global Master’s in Blockchain Technologies, that can be completed online during a period of a year, is currently accepting applications for its first edition, which will start in March of 2019. The need for a training in this area has already been affirmed by the applications we have received.

As all of our Master’s, it also counts with the Dual-degree of the University of Barcelona and Zigurat Global Institute of Technology.

Become one of our tech visionaries and join the Blockchain revolution!

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