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Zigurat Global Institute of Technology will present the academic paper “Innovative methodology for the international learning of structural engineering” in the “IV International Conference on Structural Engineering. Education without borders” that takes place on June 21st and 22nd in Madrid.

The congress is structured around two main areas: “Innovations in education” and “New issues and challenges in the learning of structural engineering”. It has been organized by the Spanish Association of Structural Engineering (ACHE) and the Eduardo Torroja Institute of Construction Sciences, Spanish National Research Council (IETcc, CSIC).

During the conference, workshops, lectures, seminars, etc. are held. The participation of Zigurat will be based on exposing our methodology of online teaching, proven and guaranteed after more than 17 years of experience, and BIMCommunity, the social network founded by Zigurat around the methodology that is revolutionizing the sector.

Internet and globalization were indeed two of the keys linked to the foundation of our online training institute in civil engineering, since both allowed responding to the demand for new professional skills such as creativity, collaboration and teamwork, in addition to know how to cope in an increasingly competitive international environment.

The evolution of our international master’s portfolio confirms this as well.

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