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We inaugurate the Autumn 2021 season with new multi-thematic online events, which will be part of the different training areas of Zigurat.

From Zigurat Global Institute of Technology, we take on the last four months of the year in the same vein as the last couple of years: making online events that disseminate and promote the knowledge of the industry. In this way, we will give continuity to some cycles of events that we already inaugurated at the beginning of 2021, but we will also present new initiatives that seek to give voice to a variety of areas of different sectors. Construweek, Zero Carbon y NextGen Cities: Financiación y Agenda 2030 will be the three not-to-be-missed occasions of this month.

Construweek: Talking about the new era of construction through design, construction, and operation and maintenance.

Construweek will bring to the fore the innovation bets of different stakeholders in 3 thematic areas: Design, Construction, and Operation and Maintenance. It will do so over four days, with September 7, 8, 9 reserved for Spanish and English sessions and September 15 for the Portuguese language session. Over 30 speakers have already been confirmed and new additions to the lineup will be added daily.

Check out the program here.

Zero-Carbon: To write the new chapter of construction, we have to start at the beginning

ZERO-CARBON will be a one-day conference in Spanish that takes place on September 16 and will discuss the reduction of carbon emissions in the construction industry from a dual perspective: from Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and from Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCC). Speakers at this event will present new materials, products, and hybrid technologies that seek to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions from buildings.

NextGen Cities: new edition takes on Financing and the Agenda 2030

With the precedents of the previous NextGen Cities’ conferences and talks, a new coming edition focuses on Financing and Agenda 2030. The event will be held on September 21 in Spanish with the collaboration of KnowUrbannet and it will focus on the 17 goals set by the 2030 Agenda and the new EU funding frameworks for Smart Cities.

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