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Zigurat Global Institute of Technology hosted Vinayak Trivedi last week and was able to ask him questions regarding the evolution of BIM and the role of BIM Managers worldwide.

Vinayak Trivedi is the Vice President and Global Head of Bentley Institute (Bentley Systems). He has worked at Bentley Systems for over 20 years and fully understands the evolution and level of BIM implementation around the world, as well as the need for better-trained professionals.

“BIM Managers must be well-aware of technology but at the same time well-conversed with the processes that need to be followed … and that person needs to be trained.”

According to Vinayak, the role and demand for BIM Managers worldwide has been growing rapidly. For Vinayak, there are four elements involved in BIM Management: Technology, Processes, People and Policies. Pushing for innovation in a well-informed and well-considered manner is an indispensable requirement for this role.

In terms of demand, every project needs to use BIM and the gap of such professionals is evident and this is because everybody still has to learn. Zigurat in collaboration with Bentley Institute is taking care of advancing these professionals and filling this gap through the Master’s in Global BIM Management for Infrastructure Projects and the Master’s in Global BIM Management .

Watch the full interview here:

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