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“Zigurat Global Institute of Technology and Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC) present MegaProjects Master Series, a set of masterclasses lead by top BIM engineers that will explain the main challenges they are facing with the adoption of BIM in infrastructure projects.”
By subscribing to this exclusive video series, you gain access to first-hand and genuine content on the project requirements, case studies, project-based experiences, lessons-learned and much more. The series include:

  • Chapter 1: The application of BIM in bridges and tunnels.
  • Chapter 2: BIM Case Study: Commercial Boulevard with road troughs, underpass tunnels, light rail train station and utilities (I) (II).
  • Chapter 3: BIM Implementation Experience in Abu Dhabi Airport (I) (II) (III) (IV).
  • Chapter 4: Information Capturing, BIM Modeling and Data Management.

Access now to the first Masterclass with Amjad El-Masri, Senior BIM/Geometrics Engineer at Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC) and lecturer of the Global BIM Management for Infrastructures Master’s Program, who presents the common characteristics of the linear project requirements, such as the vertical and horizontal alignments, earthworks calculation and cross section modeling in projects of roads, highways, rails, bridges and tunnels.

The MegaProjects Master Series is developed by part of the faculty board of the Global BIM Management for Infrastructures Master’s Program, a program that gives focused, practical and the most comprehensive education on the development and information management of infrastructure projects through their full lifecycle.

Join us and don’t miss this excellent opportunity to learn from top BIM engineers!

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